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Compassionate Like Jesus

In our last study, we discovered that our God is full of compassion. Compassion involves both noticing a hurt and desiring to fix the hurt. God the Father was compassionate to Israel in the Old Testament when he brought the people out of Egypt, for example. Jesus showed compassion in the New Testament as he… Continue reading Compassionate Like Jesus

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O to be like Thee! — Full of Compassion

Continuing with our hymn, O to be Like Thee! by Thomas Chisholm, we come to the second verse: O to be like Thee! Full of compassion, Loving, forgiving, tender and kind, Helping the helpless, cheering the fainting, Seeking the wandering sinner to find! Full of Compassion Merriam-Webster defines compassion this way: sympathetic consciousness of others'… Continue reading O to be like Thee! — Full of Compassion

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Thinking About God: He’s not a List

While studying the attributes of God is a pretty amazing thing to think on, the author of our LifeGroup study points out that there is a danger to this study. Does that surprise you? How can it be dangerous to study God's attributes? As we study what God is like, that we might come to know… Continue reading Thinking About God: He’s not a List